THE FOUNDERS of Lazos understood from the project’s inception that life in community is essential to achieve a fulfilled and happy life. With this vision in mind, Estudio Urbano designed a master plan that promoted community values ​​from its blocks and streets to the houses and parks.

Lazos occupies a privileged place within the local landscape, providing extraordinary views towards the valley for most of its streets. A large common park unites the different residential blocks and is crowned with the Casa Patronal, which, in turn, is inspired by the old farmhouses of historic Guatemalan farms.

The strategy in the design of the master plan proposes vehicle-free facades due to residential blocks having private service streets. The result is a neighborhood emphasizing the pedestrian experience, with a network of blocks and streets of human scale, and a series of water fountains linked by a network of urban parks, ideal for meeting neighbors and community life.


Design: Pedro Pablo Godoy Barrios and María Fernanda Sánchez, Estudio Urbano
Construction Documents: Grupo Tir
General Contractor: Grupo Tir
Developer: Grupo Tir