While Estudio Urbano is part of a global network of traditional architects, the firm is passionate about Guatemala’s rich history, traditions, and people. Guatemala’s architectural identity is a constant touchstone and inspiration.


Second Prize for Blaton Tower’s Counter-proposal
Awarded to ‘The People’s House’, the counter-proposal for Blaton Tower’s transformation in Brussels, Belgium.

Orlando T. Maione Award
For Pedro Godoy & Maria Sanchez’s distinguished contributions of time and talent to the School of Architecture of the University of Notre Dame.

CNU Charter Award
In the category of Neighborhood, District and Corridor. Awarded by the Congress of New Urbanism.

Arthur Ross Award for Community Design / Civic Design / City Planning
Awarded by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, New York.

Acanthus Award
Award of highest distinction, for excellence in Architecture for the New Cayalá City, awarded by the Midwest Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. Chicago.

Acanthus Award of Areté
Award for maximum excellence, awarded by the Midwest Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. Chicago.

IMCL Awards
The highest distinction, for the excellence in Green and Healthy Cities design for the Cayalá City Project in Guatemala awarded by International Making Cities Livable in Bristol, England.

Palladio Awards
To the firm Richard Economakis Architeçctural Design. Pedro Godoy and María Fernanda Sánchez participated as key professionals associated with this project in the supervision of the construction of the Azarias Building.

Private Architecture Competition
First Place, Hacienda Santa Lucía, Guatemala.

National Competition of Urban Design Minimum Rural Housing
First Place, Santa Rosa, Guatemala.

International Scattered Houses for Little Haiti Competition,
Second Place, Miami FL.

Fergusson, Shamamian and Rattner Associates Graduate Prize
Awarded for Excellence.

Marsham Street Urban Design Competition
First Place, London, in collaboration with Tagliaventi and Associates.

Diploma for Excellence in Architectural Design
Francisco Marroquín University, Guatemala.


The Pontifical Urbaniana University, Vatican City, Rome, Italy.

School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana. R.I.B.A. in London, England

Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bologna, Italy.

Museum of Contemporary Art (M.O.C.A) in Miami, Florida.

Exhibition “A Vision of Europe”, IV Tirennale, Bologna, Italy.

The Snite Museum of Art, South Bend, Indiana.

Great Hall Azarias, Guatemala.

El Sitio Gallery in Antigua Guatemala, among others.


Francisco Marroquín University, Guatemala.

Renaissance of Traditional Architecture in Guatemala
53rd International Making Cities Livable Conference on Caring for our Common Home, Vatican City, Italy.

Cayalá City and the Importance of Sacred Architecture
The James Dides Symposium on Christ & Architecture, Practices Making Community. Judson University

The New City Cayalá
School of Architecture, Andrews University, Chicago.

Twentieth Century Civic Art
International Meeting New Scenarios. Uses of Public Space: Continuity and Change. Guanajuato and San Miguel Allende.

Principles of Urban Planning and Traditional Architecture
Pedro Godoy and María Sánchez with Léon Krier. Francisco Marroquín University, Guatemala.

Panel discussion in the Driehaus Prize Colloquium
Geoffrey Baer WTTW, María Sánchez, Léon Krier, Marianne Cusato and Demetri Porphyrios. Chicago

The New City of Cayalá
International Urban design Symposium. Seaside FL

Cayalá, the Modern City
International Architecture Seminar in the Age of Austerity, Spain.

Cities Within the City
Organization and Symposium for students of Yale University in Guatemala.

Cayalá, A City Within the City
International Urbanism Symposium, Seaside Institute, Seaside FL.

The New Traditional City of Cayalá
CNU20, Congress of New Urbanism, West Palm Beach, FL.

Theory of Urbanism and Traditional Architecture
Francisco Marroquín University, Rafael Landívar University, Universidad del Istmo, Guatemala.

Guatemalan Report: Durability in Construction
University of Notre Dame, IN.

Cities Also Get Sick
First Festival of Civic Art in Guatemala. Francisco Marroquín University, Guatemala.

Genius Krier in Guatemala
Cementos Progreso, Francisco Marroquín University, Rafael Landívar University, Universidad del Istmo, Mariano Gálvez University, University of San Carlos de Guatemala, Guatemala.

Theory of Urbanism and Traditional Architecture
Francisco Marroquín University, Rafael Landívar University, Universidad del Istmo, Guatemala.

The Renewal of Modern Architecture
Three generations of Classical Architects. Third Generation University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN.

Classical Architecture and Traditional Urbanism
Francisco Marroquín University, Guatemala.

The Art of Architecture
Francisco Marroquín University, Guatemala.

Francisco Marroquín University, Guatemala.

Renaissance of the City of Antigua Guatemala
Cultural Center The Antigua Guatemala Site.


A&C International. Archi & Colonne
No. 6 and No. 7/8

In the Mood for Architecture: Tradition, Modernism and Serendipity
Lucien Steil

Encuentro Internacional Usos del Patrimonio: Nuevos Escenarios
Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia. México.

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Papadakis, Estados Unidos

Traditional Architecture: Timeless Building for the Twenty-First Century

Traditional Building, The Professional’s Resource for Public Architecture

La Arquitectura de la Comunidad
Lèon Krier. Barcelona, España: Reverté.

DPArquitectura, Paseo Cayalá, una nueva ciudad en la ciudad de Guatemala

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University of Notre Dame, IN

Sacred Architecture: The Church of Santa Maria Reina de la Familia
Issue 22

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Gabriele Tagliaventi, Italia

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Londres, Artmedia 2010, un libro que ilustra el trabajo de los 48 arquitectos clásicos más destacados a nivel mundial.

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Revista Italiana.

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